Park Dubec

Park "Dubec" Omišalj

Park “Dubec” Omišalj

The fact that there is a cave in the vincity of a village Rudine above Slivanjska has been known for over a hundres year and its entrance used to be a simple hole in the ground. ever since then has stirred the imagination of people with its secrets and the beauty of its calcine ornamentation. According to a story, smuggler’s treasure is hidden in the cave, and with the first curious visitors there began a gradual widening of its narrow passages, so that people could move trought it more freely. The illumination of the cave by electric light brought a significant rise of interest for the rich galleries filled with numeruous stalactites, stalagmites and calcine pillars. The cave’s length (about 110 m), spaciousness, beauty and interesting sedimented forms are truly breathtalking. The cave temperature is between 10 and 13 ºC all year round and occasional leaks and moisture occur only after long periods of rain. Foot paths are maintaned and safe, enabling anybody to visit the cave, children and elderly included. This cave is one more item on the long list of cultural and natural attractions of the island Krk. Owning to its northwest position on the island, it offers the possibility of a visit and tours to both guests of Krk and the Crikvenica riviera.