Active holidays

Horseback Riding Club “Njivice”

Konjički klub "Njivice"

Horseback RIding Club “Njivice”

- right nearby Njivice it offers visitors the possibility of an active holiday for children and adults
- recreational horseback riding in beautiful grounds for riders with or without experience
- for children the club offers strolls on a horse inside a fenced area with a guide
- relax in beautiful natural surroundings and get to know the green side of the island

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Water sports

Sportovi na vodi

Water sports Njivice

In Njivice and Omišalj numerous sporting activities are on offer, such as tennis, mini-golf, table tennis, basketball, bocce.
Especially attractive is the selection of entertainment on the water, which includes rides with a speedboat or scooter, water skiing, windsurfing and paragliding. Omišalj has a 3 km long bay, which is ideal for the preparations of athletes and a perfect setting for rowing and sailing regattas.



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bicikl. karta omišalj 2

Walkway”Ciklama” (.kmz file) /// Walkway “Orhideja” (.kmz file) /// Walkway “Kadulje” (.kmz file) /// Walkway “Origana” (.kmz file)

“Cerova” trim track

Trim staza Cerova

“Cerova” trim track

Here are some tips for using the trim track. Exercising in the open air often means exercising in high temperatures, and sometimes in the sun. Therefore make sure you carry enough water with you and drink it during the whole training.  Don’t exaggerate with the intensity of exercising (running is often of a too high intensity for beginners). Don’t exaggerate with clothing. Listen to your body (sometimes you will be able to do more, sometimes less, it depends on many elements, such as the time of exercising, the weather situation, day of the month, stress of everyday life). Find an exercise partner for motivation.
NOTE: You are moving through nature and you use the trim track at your own risk.