Bljak Fest – Yuck Festival

Bljak fest


A particularly interesting part of the carnival events is the Yuck Festival, a special gastronomic event, which has become an unmissable part of local carnival events. Visitors to this festival have the opportunity to taste completely free of charge specific specialties of the local gastronomic heritage such as roasted bull’s testicles, tripe, pig and chicken feet, chicken necks… There surely will also be other “yuckiness” such as kale and leeks, but also a few surprises. However, this festival offers much more than a mere dispute about tastes or flavours, as it takes place in the picturesque town of Omišalj, which is reason enough to visit it all year round, even in winter, when its squares and its labyrinth of narrow streets come alive with masked troupes, or “babani” for which Omišalj is widely known. One thing is sure: all of those who come to the Yuck Festival will surely find something that they don’t like! But in the same way no one will leave Omišalj unhappy or hungry!