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Big OM 2012
Big OM

Big OM

Medulin-Sarajevo team skippered Drazen Horvat is the winner of this year’s BIG OM, international competition in the hunt for big fish. Winning tuna weighing 101 kilograms, was caught on the first day’s competition, and the winners secured a cash prize of Rs 30,000. – The mood on board during the competition was relaxed. We came to fish and we knew we would catch something because we are two days before that remained without a catch, and this then was third time lucky. Fighting with tuna stokilašicom lasted about half an hour, and it is interesting that came next to us just when we slept. It was great, we will come again next year, says joyful winner, Drazen Horvat where it is, and his team, was the first to participate in the BIG-OM.

On that day, “dropped” another tuna fishing by hand before experienced American Marc Inoue, half as heavy, thanks to which his team in the final standings won second place and 20,000 €. Unlike the first racing day, when weather conditions were perfect, the other day at about 13.00 h fishing halted due to bad weather, but he still caught tuna for 3 place and a prize of 10,000 €. Could this team on board Mah-Mahi with skipper Pave Cindric. – The BIG-OM to participate from the beginning two years ago, my crew won. This year we caught tuna in the area around Glavotok, however, that the competition is canceled, we had to let her go into the sea. For her, we got 200 points and won the third place, said Cindric.

This year’s BIG OM – OMIŠALJ Cup has attracted 18 teams and 80 competitors, great lovers of sport fishing and hunting for big fish. Most, of course, any competitor with Kvarner and Istria region, but in the waters of the northern Adriatic and competitors come from Slovenia, Germany, Italy, and even in America. Opening Ceremony of 7th BIG OM was held on the eve of the competition, 24 August on omišaljskoj waterfront, with the performance of members of KUD I Jurjevic and Damir Kedzo. Competitors and a large audience welcomed the Mayor of Omisalj and Chairman of the Organizing Committee Tomo Sparožić thanking all the participants and sponsors without whom, he said, this beautiful sea stories with soul would not be. Sparožić’s wishing everyone the best of luck with the fishing greeting “Rogi fisherman” declared the competition open.

About the permitted quota to catch the competition, which this year amounted to 300 pounds, took care of experienced judges Mladen Markovic, Zoran Mijat Tonci Luketa. Besides tuna at least 50 pounds, scores in the still SWORDFISH least 30 pounds and heavy carcasses dugokrilci, amberjacks, dolphinfish and LUČEV heavier than 5 pounds.

Sports competition and excitement are complemented fishing feštana after two days of competition. Many are curious as witnessed tense weigh attractive catch, and then enjoy the superb cuisine, the consumption of tuna and a rich entertainment program that took care of the organizers.

Anyway, along the entire Adriatic held only four events on the hunt for big fish: at Vis Murter and Vodice, while the BIG OM unique event in the northern Adriatic. Launched seven years ago with the purpose of popularizing the big game fishing and tourism offer enrichment Omisalj. The meaning of the event is to bring the audience the magic of the sea and the Mediterranean climate and can elevate sporting events, offering excellent cuisine and good fun. From year to year the event is further enhanced with new content so BIG OM attractive as all sports and entertainment events each year, which is attended by over a thousand people and represents an important contribution to Omišalj and Krk tourism in general. In addition, BIG OM contributes to branding the island as a tourist destination with a very varied tourist offer, and is an important effect on the extension of the season because the event takes place after the peak tourist season. So far, the BIG-OM participated in the 90-odd teams from Slovenia, Germany, Italy, the U.S. and Croatian.

Past winners of the BIG OM are not destroyed Omišalj record

BIG OM was initiated in 2006. year. After the first four “dry” year without a catch, the fifth BIG OM in 2010. The winning tuna was 62 kg, and caught her Croatian-Slovenian crew mah-mahi (Pave Cindric and brothers Drago and Mak Jernej). Last year, the winning tuna had as many as 290 pounds, and they caught Mark Založnik and Mitja Turk. This year, again, is the largest tuna weighing 101 kg.

We add that next year fans hunt big fish still have one more reason to come to Omisalj because it will become a BIG OM qualifying tournament for the World Cup in big game fishing, which will be mention in passing, 2013. held in Costa Rica.

Big OM 2011
Big OM 2011.

Big OM 2011.

As many as 160 participants gathered at this year’s BIG OM, the hunt for big fish and Midle Game Fishing (Palamijadi), of which as many as 50 percent came from abroad – Slovenia and Italy and even distant Hawaii. With a record number of participants, this year recorded a record catch big fish. Competitors have had ideal conditions for fishing, the sea was calm, the time is right and the summer and the fishing festival, prepared at the end of the first day of competition, there are several hundred visitors. All this has contributed to this year’s BIG OM is so far the most successful, and competitive, both tourist and economic terms.

Those are the economic impacts of tourism were at the initiators and initiated when six years ago launched BIG FM. This event confirms that Omišalj not only industrial areas, moreover, besides good peak season, we can offer attractive events in September.

BIG OM held from 02-04. September is an excellent promotion coastal climate, culture and tradition. BIG OM great success is the result of many years of investment in the event this year and is the largest tourism product from the Municipality, and next year we expect even more competitors.

As for the winners, let us say that the BIG-OM, the 30 teams in the competition, the first place and 20 thousand won the Slovenian national team colleague Mark Založnik Mitja Turk. Second place and 10 thousand won Anze Celarca team, also from Slovenia, while third place and five thousand team finished Grozdana Vučko from Viškovo. In Palamijadi 14 participating teams were the most successful Dejan and Damian Bilicki caught with 16.9 kg of small fish (bonito, dolphinfish), the second was Christian Jakominić and third IDIZ Sivic.

Winners BIG OM

Pobjednici BIG OM-a

Winners BIG OM

- For the first time we are in this competition and we just enjoyed. What catches for, frankly we get scared when we see what we have on the line. We thought that the tuna from three feet too big for our boat which is only 5.5 meters long. Still, we managed to find their bearings and eventually won. We are so happy. Next year we are again in alj, said Mark Založnik and Mitja Turk.

Winner of “Palamijada”

Pobjednik Palamijade

Winner of “Palamijada”

- Compete from the start. Last year we were second, and this year we managed to win. It held the experience and knowledge of the local terrain. Time for the next step, said Dejan Bilicki and announced that his son Damian again at the BIG OM.

Marc Inoue, Havaji

Marc Inoue, Havaji

Marc Inoue, Hawaii

- For many years I do this type of competition. I competed in Hawaii in Venezuela, Cabo Verde, Panama, Mexico, Florida, Croatia … The greatest successes are my tuna of 476 pounds, black marlin weighs 345 kg and 220 kg of Swordfish. I look forward to the challenge.

Big OM 2010
Big OM 2010.

Big OM 2010.

Sponsors of the event are the Primorsko-Gorski Kotar County District Omišalj and Tourist Office Omisalj. Organization supporting events and provides support for the competition Municipal Culture Centre Omisalj. Media sponsors are: Trsat Radio, Radio and Channel OK RI. These are the events celebrating the event and additional events held in alj, and only competition in the waters of the Bay of Kvarner. And this year, in parallel with the “big game” fishing occurred and competition “middle game” called “Palamijada.”

At this year’s competition in the hunt for big fish took the first prize was a tough 62 pounds of tuna. Lucky she was Slovenian Croatian crew boat Mahi Mahi, which was formed by waves of Pave Cindrć, Drago and Mak Jernej, and they won a cash award of 20 thousand.

Otherwise the big game fishing involved a total of sixteen teams, and the first day of competition, after hours of fighting with the fish, Predrag Mihaljevic was left without a tune of about 150 pounds. In the middle game and Palamijadi competition, winning the women’s team took part Snjezana Huljić, Tanja Grbac Saftic, Ranka Čandrlić Nives Spicijarić and Jasna Jovanovic. In this competition included three p.m. team and winning a prize crew of three thousand donated to charity. Slightly less than the top-placed ribolovki, with a total catch of more than five kilograms were father and son Dejan and Damian Bilicki which belonged cash prize of two thousand.

In honor of the fifth Big Om marathon swimming competition Bojan Glažar swam the route from the Bay to Grižane posed by the waterfront, and was awarded a laurel wreath he received from Judge Francis Big Om competition Matic. With its rich cuisine in which the contestants, you could enjoy all the guests, were entertained by a group of Joso Butorac Trend.