Blue flag Omišalj

Plava zastava, Omišalj

Blue flag, Omišalj

According to the number of Blue Flags, Croatia belongs to the top ten countries in the world, and among the Croatian islands the island of Krk is undisputedly the best. Blue Flags also flutter in Njivice and Omišalj. The Blue Flag in Omišalj has fluttered continuously since 2004 on Pesja, Omišalj’s most famous beach. The Blue Flag is an international environmental award which every year the international Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), in conjunction with its project of sea and coastal protection, allocates to beaches and marinas in Europe and other parts of the world. The Blue Flag is a globally accepted standard which guarantees sea cleanliness and safety on beaches, quality and prestige. In a broader sense, it is an award for sustainable development, environmental protection and the respect of nature.

The first Blue Flag was raised in 1985 in France. The importance of the Blue Flag was immediately recognised so that the project very quickly assumed global dimensions. The acquisition of a Blue Flag as a kind of eco-stamp for beaches and marinas has become an issue of reputation and prestige. In order for a beach or marina to receive the Blue Flag, it must fulfil four strict criteria, and they are: quality of the sea, the safety of bathers, service facilities, and an educational programme and public information. According to the number of Blue Flags, Croatia is included in the top 10 countries in the world. In the year 2012, as many as 106 Blue Flags fluttered on Croatian beaches with 18 in marinas, of which the island of Krk had no less than 14 (more than there were on any other Croatian island!).