Krk bridge

Krčki most

The Krk bridge

Thanks to the Krk Bridge, arrival to the island by road is quite convenient. Krk Bridge was built between Črišnjevo and Scott bays, located on the mainland (the town of Kraljevica), via the islet of St. Mark to the Municipality of Omišalj on the Krk Island.

Krk Bridge opened on 19th July 1980, with the annual traffic of about 1.5 million. The length of the bridge with its access roads is 1430 meters, and it is 70 meters high. The transition from the mainland to the island was done by two successive arcs: the first, larger, arc connects the mainland with the islet of St. Mark, and the second one connects the islet of St Mark with the island of Krk. The range of the larger one is 390 meters, and in 1980 it was considered the longest reinforced concrete arc! The depth of the sea beneath the bridge is 60 meters and the sea is the deepest under the longer arc, i.e. between the mainland and the islet of St. Mark.

The area where the bridge is built is open to the north and exposed to strong winds (bura) which is why the bridge is sometimes closed.