Airport Rijeka

Zračna luka Rijeka

Airport Rijeka

Rijeka Airport is located in the Municipality of Omišalj, close to the town.

Comparative advantages of the airport are:

  • best location for destinations in the Adriatic
  • easy and convenient access to the airport
  • tourist destination with more than 100 hotels in the area of 50 km
  • no peak loads and no waiting in the air
  • open throughout the year
  • temperatures: summer – min.16 C, max. 28 C; winter – min. +3 C, max. 13 C
  • quick and efficient aircraft and passenger service
  • possibility of the cabin crew training
  • panoramic flights over the Adriatic coast and islands

Zračna luka Rijeka d.o.o.
Hamec 1, 51513 Omišalj, Hrvatska
Tel. +385 51 841-222, +385 51 842-040
Fax. +385 51 842-032
E-mail: [email protected]