Fish stew with palenta (Thick maize porridge) (Brudet s palentu)

Brudet s palentu (Brudet s palentom)

Fish stew with palenta

Preparation of fish stew
Clean the fish and cut into portions; allow one portion of each fish per person. Salt and sparsely flour the fish, Lightly fry il well heated oil. Take out the fish and fry chopped onion.  Add peeled, sliced tomatoes, chopped parsley, wine vinegar, pepper and salt and fish stock as required. Allow to boil for 30 minutes until the onion and other ingredients are tender. Add the fish and allow to simmer for 30 min. The fish stew should be not to thick, of a pleasant taste and reddish in colour.

Preparation of palenta
1. water 1,5 l
2. maize flour 650 g
3. salt

In a special copper or cast iron cauldron, which is hung above an open or gas fire, boil the water with salt. Add the maize flour and stir constantly. Allow to boil for 1 hour. Pour the cooked palenta into a dish or cake tin, level off and tip on to a round wooden plate. Cut into segments with a knife and serve hot with the fish stew.

Ingredients (serves 6)
1. scampi, frogfish, thornback, red scorpionfish 1,80 – 2 kg
2. onions 500 g
3. oil 180 g
4. garlic 5 cloves
5. parsley 1 bundle
6. wine vinegar 200 ml
7. fresh or canned tomatoes 200 g
8. pepper, salt

Presnec (A local cake with cheese filling)



Preparation of dough
Work the flour, sugar, fat or butter, 1 egg and a little salt into a dough (as for makaruni). Form the dough into a round shape and stand for a short while. Select a large, round pie dish or 2 smaller ones. Roll out the dough to cover the dish (or dishes) alowing approximately 30 % extra in size for folding over later. While the dough is still on the board, trim the edge with a fluted cutter. Preparation of filling Whisk the yolks and sugar, add spices, minced sheep’s milk cheese, flour and bind. Evently place on the prepared dough. Fold over the edge of the dough and pinch every 5 cm. Bake the cake in a moderate oven until nicely brown. Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve cold.
Note: Presnec is a typical cake for the island of Krk, prepared in all of the island’s villages.

Ingredients for dough

1. flour 250 g
2. sugar 50 g
3. fat 50 g
4. eggs 1
5. a little salt

Ingredients for filling

1. cheese 1 kg
2. sugar 250 g
3. flour 100 g
4. egg yolks 6
5. grated lemon rind
6. vanilla sugar 1 packet