Kvarner family

Kvarner Family

Kvarner Family

Kvarner Family is a project which aims to improve the selection of family accommodation in the Kvarner region. It is an extension of the existing system of categorisation on a voluntary basis which aims to achieve better market recognisability, to increase the promotion of family accommodation and to organise community programmes of education and training. The ‘Kvarner Family’ label guarantees that the guests can enjoy typical family atmosphere, well-managed apartments and use outside facilities, such as gardens, terraces, barbecues, children’s facilities and the possibility of storing equipment and bicycles.

Kvarner Family Njivice

Jurjević Nikola

Jurjevic Nikola

Kirinčić Boris

Kirinčić Boris

Kirinčić Zdenko

Apartmani Zdenko Kirinčić

Majsec Jasna

Apartmani Majsec Jasna

Makin Italo

Apartmani Makin Italo

Maletić Dalibor


Milić Julia

Apartmani Milić Julia

Šamanić Mirjana

Apartmani Šamanić Mirjana

Cuculić Tonkica

Apartmani Cuculić Tonkica

Pavlović Valesio Jasmina

Njivice Jasmina Valesio Pavlic 003

Brusić Snježana


Brusić Snježana

Kvarner family Omišalj

Ilijić Silvija

Apartmani Ilijić Silvija

Labaš Bencek Mira

Apartmani Labaš Bencek Marija

Nikolić Dragana

Apartmani Nikolić Dragana